Artist Statement


Through my work I capture the visual representations of the subtle energies of nature. Inspired by the natural world, the human form, botanical life, geological references and galactic imagery, I infuse my work with a sense of connection to all that is and one's healing path. Each piece reflects a reverence for nature in its many forms. With a long time fascination of the floral form, I believe that the flower is the most beautiful form in nature. It is one of the only forms that holds such beauty, color and attraction combined specifically in order to populate itself and draw to it pollinators. With the flower's sexual organs on display, it is one of the most sensual forms in nature and ultimately exuding pure creativity and potential. This fascination has propelled much of my work to align with that pure creation focus and potential of growth and expansion. 

Being a long time student of yoga and a healing practitioner for over ten years, I blend my work with a connection to energy awareness, higher consciousness and the potential that lies within each individual as their truest self as a reflection of this potential and growth mirrored in nature.




Sharon Stelluto is an artist based in Arizona, originally from the east coast. She spent her adolescent years in Charlotte, North Carolina with the opportunity to apprentice with professional figure painter, Andrew Braitman. She learned the subtleties of figure drawing and painting at a young age. After moving back to the Northeast for art school in New York, she still resided in New York for many years while helping to manage CoSM, an art retreat center in the Hudson Valley of New York, directed by visionary artists Alex and Allyson Grey. There she studied under the guidance of many international artists including Alex and Allyson themselves. She created many art installations during her time there and developed as a live painter at the many events at the center.  Sharon has live painted and exhibited her work nationally, including a solo show in New York City and other locations around the U.S. She is also the partner in a local Phoenix based organization and podcast as well, called RISE Phoenix/Inner Monologue Podcast, based on mental health and mindfulness. With over 200 episodes recorded, she has created custom artworks for many episodes based on the conversation and guest. She has a true passion for art and wellness, and has a healing practice in Cave Creek, Arizona called Entelechy Visions