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Image by Thomas Lefebvre

Tattoo Design



 Each piece is a co-creation with each individual based upon their intentions for the piece, style preferences and our own intuitive creative and healing interpretation. 
While developing the customized design, the creation process becomes a guided journey. I receive many visions and messages while creating the piece that I share with you when finished. 

Background of Intuitive Tattoo Creation


Many years ago a dear friend asked me to collaborate on a tattoo design with them. He had lost a family member who was very near and dear to him. During his loved one's life, she had created many many pieces of art that were now in his possession. He honored in her life in many ways following her passing but wanted to honor her as an artist in a tattoo design. He sent me about twenty of her pieces and the idea was to pull elements of her art into creating one large tattoo based on her work. This was a beautiful project and one that felt rich with meaning in so many ways. When finishing the project, a combination of her work was developed into about a half a sleeve size tattoo design for my friend. He loved it and later got the tattoo on his shoulder and arm. It was a such a joy, that I began offering this to others who inquired about tattoo design. Designs are now evolved into intuitive creations and hold depth of meaning for each person's path. It's often that a design is created for someone when they are on the verge of a big shift in their life or a new path of empowerment.  


An Intuitive Tattoo Design of Your Own


Interested in your own tattoo design? Please contact below. Each design begins with a consultation either by phone or e-mail. 

Rates vary per design depending on sizing and detail preferences. Approximate rates below. Please inquire for special rates for added color.  Allow several week turn around time for receipt of design. 

      Small Tattoo-  Starts at $250 Approx. 4-6 inches

           Medium Tattoo-Starts at $300  Approx. 7-12 inches

         Large Tattoo- Starts at $350 Approx. 13-24 inches


  (Non-refundable $50 Project deposit is required following consultation, for supplies

       Designs are sent both digitally and illustration is available for local Arizona pick- Additional costs added for shipping

Payment plans available

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