Inner Monologue Podcast Artwork

    Inner Monologue is a podcast where MENTAL HEALTH begins with MINDFULNESS.


    Sharon Stelluto is also partner and podcast artist for Inner Monologue podcast and the organization, R.I.S.E. Phoenix, where mental health begins with mindfulness. We all encounter our own mental health on a daily basis, despite whether that is positive or negative. It is the mission of the Inner Monologue podcast to discuss how each individual navigates their own personal mental health and what it truly means to be a human of starship Earth. The theme in each weekly episode are dialogues focusing on individual’s stories of trials and triumphs in their own life. It is the mission of the Inner Monologue podcast to reach the very heart of the process of what it truly means to be human. Guests featured include a broad range of artists, traditional/ holistic healers, performers, entrepreneurs, adventurers as well as survivors of suicide. The episodes are recorded in the home of partners Thomas Brown and Sharon Stelluto. During each recorded conversation, Sharon draws an intuitive illustration inspired by the guest’s story, the emotional flow and inspirational undertones of the dialogue. 

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