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    The Evolution of the Unexpected

    January 30, 2017


    Sometimes we engage in projects or life decisions and they don't always evolve the way we had imagined. Have you ever planned an amazing vacation and didn't expect the pitfalls that would come up once you took the trip? You may have lost your luggage, the weather didn't turn out so great, or any other unexpected turn. Life calls on us to navigate these turns with grace and adaptation. It also shows us the concept that we cannot control outcomes. We can intend for the highest evolution and we can plan, organize and act in the direction but the element of surprise and unexpected are always coupled in our journey. 


    I bring this topic up because the evolution of this recent painting took a turn that I had to flow with in grace and adaptation. As an artist, you have a vision and you map out that vision on your canvas, paper or medium to set the direction. The process of working on a piece is encountering the evolution of the artwork and navigating the path with a fine tuned communication in the art. 

    Every artist faces this journey, as you intend the piece, the direction of it will go in many places before the finale. This is a beautiful, unexpected and at times a challenging path in the relationship with you and your own artwork. 

    It is nonetheless, ultimately a relationship to the self, as the canvas is a mirror of your soul and a depiction of your greatest preoccupation. 


    Being a healing practitioner for over ten years, my art is coupled with this path. My intuitive senses pour into my artwork. So I began this particular piece with an inspiration of mother earth and her heightened energetic landscape, aiming to depict the red quality of lava and feminine shapes, like a portal shape of red earth into her being. This was fully laid out with potent earth colors, as I always had a fascination with the portal shape for many years. 


    As I reached this stage in the painting, global events started to become heightened around the dakota access pipeline and standing rock peaceful protests. This movement was reaching a peak point as all who were standing up for their rights and the sacredness of the land and water, they were approaching a deadline of possible eviction from the land. 

    This piece suddenly wanted to take a turn, and instead of having a yellow background and red center, I was called to paint it blue and evolve it into a dedication to the purity of water and water being life. 


    Being an intuitive artist, it is at times a learning process to try to separate your artwork from the collective mindset. But with the potency of these times, art heals and tapping into that collective consciousness while creating art is the ultimate healing movement. 


    Soon after, the DAPL issues subsided temporarily and the evolution of this piece felt that it wanted to go into a different direction now. This was one of the first times that an artwork I've created has taken such dramatic sharp turns in its creation. With the intensity of global events, it was hard to ignore the current happenings while creating. 


    I let it sit for many days before moving forward and finally drew from a small illustration that has brought me much inspiration, I had created it many months prior and called it "Bloom In a Storm". 

    When you find yourself in a storm, in a chaos, confusion, upheaval or doubt, continue to bloom and shine. 



    This direction of the piece felt appropriate for these times and ultimately it was the core root of all the issues I was tapping into on a collective level. 


    As the evolution of this piece took on so many different angles, these angles proved to be purposeful in the end. They created the many layered aesthetic and concept of the intensity of these times. 

    As I created the larger version of Bloom In a Storm, the layers of the perfect storm we are in provided the very blanket for its foundation. 


    Looking back, this piece truly mimics the uncertainty and trust one can undergo in a path in life. 

    It is a mirror for the uncertainty and trust for these times. Although there may be a dismantling and chaotic nature on a global scale, it's a true reminder to find your center, keep shining, be the light in this world for yourself and for others. 


    In doing that, we create a collective widespread balance and we can shift so much with that power. 

    So have compassion for the uncertainty of your own personal journey and that of the planet, find ways to balance yourself and in turn, you can Bloom In A Storm. 





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